Monday, 15 February 2010

Elizabeth age 12

These pictures didn't fit on the other one so I just added some more

Me skating

Me skating again! :)

Elizabeth age 12

My b-day party was hosted at
the Classic Fun Center! :)

Funny/scary/weird picture with all her friends!

Elizabeth spinning the wheel
(The lady in the pic was our party host)

Elizabeth opening presents

More presents

and another friend picture
p.s dosn't the cake loiok good?
it was :)

Valentine Dance

Me before my dance (my hair took forever!)

Me again :)

Before school pictures of me! :)

The Puppies

Yogi before bed :)

Panda before bed

These are my two adorable 12 week old puppies
before bed the black and white one is the Shitzu
she is a female the other one is my male Yorkshire
terrier :)
Yogi outside

Once again the adorable puppies
before bed :)


I'm number 13 blue trying to rebound! :)

This is my team the same day
as above getting pictures :)

Friday, 2 October 2009


Elizabeth got a new hamster and she is crazy about it so meet the newest family member Ginger Pie Wood everyone isn't she cute???